Why us?

Many years we are engaged in breeding of the naked cats, and we have gained a great deal of experience in that field, as well as in veterinary in general. All that helps us to understand better the needs and the problems of these animals.

We are ranked among the best in Europe in terms of the quality of the newborn kittens in our breeding station.

We can afford to ensure the health and purity of each pet.

All our cats are genetically healthy, we do not allow incest and breeding even within distant relatives.

We regularly test our cats for FIV, FIP, FeLV as well as other common feline diseases.

We provide regular vaccination and deworming.

Our pets have strong immunity.

A great deal of our budget goes to nutrition, in order to ensure all necessary elements for health and growth of our pets.

Once you have purchased a kitten from our breeding station, you receive a full package of documents, and the pet is fully vaccinated, microchipped, it has a European international passport, pedigree, parents' tests, and you will receive a purchase contract.

We work with all the countries and can deliver the cats anywhere; we guarantee the quality and security of the delivery.

We collaborate with other breeding stations and help them to make the right choice for the further breeding.

The purchase agreement concluded with our breeding station protects all the rights of the buyer and provides him with the solution for any possible problems in the future. You can fully trust us.

We work seven days a week, on public holidays and without a break. You can contact us any time by phone or online.

Amongst other benefits, in case of a problem, we consult owners of this breed free of charge, regardless if the cat was bought from us or from another cattery.

After having purchased a kitten we always stay in contact with the buyer in case any help, advice or consultation is needed.