About breed The Don Sphynx

The Sphynx cats are the most loyal, affectionate and loving pets in the world. There are several breeds of the Sphynx cats, but only Donskoy cats are born bald. The Don Sphynx is a totally naked cat with a coat similar to human skin, and this is the most unique and unusual quality of these cats. Advantages of this charming animal are obvious: lack of fur, neatness, good manners, endless love to human and other animals, kind nature and empathy, good health and inquisitive mind.

The Don Sphynx does not trigger allergies and have calming and soothing effect on people. These so called “naked aliens” have a body temperature of about 40 °C, which makes them even more peculiar among other cat breeds. The philosophers say that the Sphynx is a kind human soul trapped in a body of an alien. The Sphynx behaves more like an obedient child, rather than a cat. It is not selfish, not vindictive – it will never spoil your slippers as a revenge, which is common to other purebred cats. The Sphynx is not attached to a place, it is sincerely and totally loyal to a man. The man is the only love, affection and focus of this breed. They completely give themselves to a man and cannot live without him. There is no cat or a dog in the world, which can love human as much as the Sphynx do. The Don Sphynx is a true companion, member of the family, an associate and a friend, it is your faithful and understanding soul mate, which can feel your pain, happiness and sadness literally with its skin. Who this breed is ideal for? The answer is simple – for everyone with no exception. They are perfect for a family with kids and other pets, as they get along with everyone, and their charm and warmth make them simply irresistible. Families with no kids often take a Sphynx and are very happy with them. Getting a Sphynx can be compared to adopting a child. The Sphynx have love and affection enough for everybody.
For the people with disabilities Sphynx can be the best friend. It does not require special care or maintenance, it will be good support in difficult times and will never leave its owner. All evenings, days and nights this naked angel will be happily purring by your side. The Sphynx will become an ideal friend, loving and caring pet for lonely people, young people, workaholics, sportsmen.

The cat will be waiting for the whole day and happily welcome you home at the end of the day. It will always and everywhere be by your side. It is important for everybody to have such a worthy creature, especially in nowadays aggressive environment. When the Sphynx looks at you it can see your soul. The Sphynx are walked on a leash like dogs, love bathing, enjoy a car ride, very inquisitive but not obtrusive.


The Don Sphynx is a hairless cat breed of Russian origin. It is classified as DSP according to FIF, and as DSX according to WCF. Typical characteristics of the cat are: muscular body with no hair, velvety warm skin, long slim feet with long thin toes, long tail, expressive muzzle, large ears, large almond-shaped or slanted eyes. They are remarkable for great affection towards human beings and total lack of aggression.
The Don Sphynx is one of few indigenous Russian cat breeds. The history of this cat starts in 1986 in the city of Rostov-on-Don. One day Elena Kovaleva from Krasnoyarsk, stopped boys from torturing a kitten in the square, and took it home with her. They named the kitten Varvara at home. After some time, the cat started to lose fur on her back. Different treatments did not help, and the cat’s back remained hairless. In 1988 they showed Varvara to cat specialists who were also cat breeders, but this unusual looking cat did not surprise them. 20 February 1990 Varvara had a litter of three kittens with European shorthair cat Vasiliy. And their daughter Chita gave the start to a new breed. Irina Nemykina started to develop this new breed, who consequently became a world-wide known felinologist. After many years of hard work by means of backcrossing Irina Nemykina received a breed well-known in the world now as the Don Sphynx. It was officially registered in 1996.


The Sphynx care is rather simple in comparison to other cat breeds. On many forums on the Internet you can find so much information on grooming of this breed, which is far from reality. The practice shows the exact opposite. The Sphynx are very healthy, they practically never fall ill. They can handle cold as well as human beings. Because of the high temperature of the body, the Sphynx have good appetite and are not finicky eaters. Nutrition is chosen individually, depending on the cat’s preferences and its physiological peculiarities. It can be porridge in combination with healthy meat, dry food, canned food. It is not recommended to give greasy food to the Sphynx, as to any other pets. When it comes to hygiene it is also very simple. The Sphynx produce more ear-wax than other animals, that is why it is necessary to clean their ears once in about four days. Bathing can be done whenever needed. You can use baby soap, sensitive skin products without harmful additives or special shampoo for the Sphynx cats. Alternatively, you can wipe the cat instead of regular bathing: use olive oil on the dry cat skin, gently massage the whole body and remove the rest of the oil and dirt with a tissue, after that rinse the skin with water and dry it with the towel.  If the kitten is running around the house all day and dust enters its eyes, you can cleanse the eyes with solution of black tea or with boric acid solution that you can buy in pharmacy. 
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